Wal-Mart Subsidies in San Diego, CA
Store Details
City San Diego
State CA
Address 3412 College Ave
ZIP code 92115
County San Diego
Type of Facility discount store
Year Opened 2000
Value of Subsidies $6.1 million

Local officials did not respond to our requests for information, but we learned from a report published by the California Subsidies Project and the Center on Policy Initiatives (see http://www.onlinecpi.org/article.php?list=type&type=75) that the development received $9.8 million in subsidies, including $6.1 million that directly benefited Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart received a $1.3 million break on land costs through a $958,000 write-down (repaid through tax increment financing) and a right-of-way purchased by the city for $350,000 to widen a road. Wal-Mart also benefited from $2.6 million worth of infrastructure improvements and $2.2 million from a city lease of Park-and-Ride parking spaces that are also used by Wal-Mart customers. Lease payments will be made with the sales tax generated by the development.

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